M+ roll pitch and yaw

Is it possible to add roll pitch and yaw data to PPK geo information from an m+?

I am operating an m+ with a pixhawk 2.1, would it be possible to add roll pitch and yaw information from the FC to add to the image exif for photogrammetry processing…

Is it worth adding this info… will it increase the accuracy of the photogrammetry or it is a waste of time as the key input is the PPK geo information?


Yes, try ExifTools.

I have found that the cameras can be correctly/accurately posed in the absence of roll,pitch,yaw in my processing software. It may speed up performance though but I’ve never run a benchmark.

The key input is accurate timestamp of photo with corresponding PPK coordinate of image location.

If you have connected the camera feedback pin you can use the cam messages to extract this information.
I have written a script/program todo so (which I share if you donate to the AMF). But you could also use Mission Planner to do so. But Mission Planner does not do lever arm correction.

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