M+ fix/float solution

Hi, im having some troubles getting FIX solution of my data from M+ with Talysman antenna. Im using my Stonex S9 gnss as Base and M+ is on my Phantom 4 pro v 2.0. Ive used Metta kit for Ph4 and everything seems to be just fine, all led are lighting up, ive setted up ReachView 3 on my Ipad as explained, started logging, but when i go to postproces data in Emlid studio 1, i get about 25%fix solution and rest is float. Im attaching base and rover(m+) data…Thanks in advance
m+ data.zip (6.6 MB)

Hi Ivo,

The rover’s data has a low SNR and many cycle slips:

I believe that’s why most of the solutions are in Float. Usually, the data quality decreases if the receiver or the GNSS antenna faces RF interference. It can be caused by onboard electronics and drone motors. So, I’d recommend checking the hardware setup to ensure the unit and the antenna are well isolated.

Yeah, i was afraid of that… Im using Metta ppk kit for Ph4, as shown in images, but im using it with Talysman antenna… Maybe if i raise it up a bit more?

Hi Ivo,

It’s a good idea to place the antenna higher. We usually recommend keeping it 15-20 cm above the drone’s body.

Also, patch antennas require a ground plane. It helps reduce multipath and get better data quality. You can use a conductive plate: for instance, a piece of metal. For the Tallysman antenna, please use a ground plane no less than 70x70 mm.

That is quite a plane…ive tried with metall plate, it seems to get worse results. Ive instaled it with plasitc plate, little bit wider than antenna, it seems to do the job. I get some errors, but 99.8 percent fix solution. Also, ive ordered helical antena, because drone seems ustable with antenna so high up, and draws much more battery trying to stabilize it…anyway, thanks for advice

Hi Ivo,

Glad to know you get a better solution now! I just wanted to add helical antennas can show good performance even without ground planes. So, it can help you get a more stable solution as well.

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Hi Ivo, I think the best thing is to change to a multiband Talysman type antenna, the one sold by Emlid. Also aerodynamically it is better and safer. About raising the antenna more, although it is recommended, I tell you that I have not had problems with the height when I use it with the M2 and the Emlid multiband antenna. Greetings.

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