M+ connection problems and offline use question

Hello, I’m a newbie, so forgive my ignorance.

1st off, I have connected my RS+ to ReachView 3 app fine through my home wifi. I am unable to connect Reach M+, though. I can connect phone to the hotspot for M+, then I add the wifi network in the app, but the device never connects to my wifi network, the blue light continues to quickly flash on unit. Eventually it gives up and goes back to solid blue hotspot mode. I’ve re-read the docs and tried using phone as mobile hotspot but nothing is working. I am using IOS, and have checked passwords multiple times, retried, and still nothing. It says I need to update firmware once I initially connect to M+ hotspot but I can’t connect it to my house wifi.

2nd Question, I plan on using Reach in remote locations with no cellular service. It seems I can’t connect to the devices unless I have Internet(?). I couldn’t find anything in the docs about using these tools offline other than using “PPP”. I am using it for drone mapping, M+ on drone and RS+ as base. I’m in pretty over my head on this stuff! Is there a workflow for this? Or a place in the docs I overlooked?

Hi Patrick,

Welcome to our community!

If you work in areas with no cellular service available, you can connect to the unit’s hotspot to configure it, collect points, or record logs. To see the receiver in the app, you will need to connect the mobile device to the unit’s hotspot as described in this guide.

Regarding the issue with accessing your Reach M+ in the ReachView 3 app, please check your PMs. I’ve contacted you there since we will need to walk through some troubleshooting steps which are easier to handle in the private chat.

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