M+ connected through UAVCAN node

Has anyone had any luck using a Reach M+ through a UAVCAN node?

My M+ works fine connected to a Pixhawk serial port, but not connected to a UAVCAN node. Another M8P GPS works fine the node so I think I have that configured correctly.

I just purchased an mRo KitCAN (https://store.mrobotics.io/product-p/mro10025b.htm). It works fine with a Drotek M8P but I can’t get it to work with the M+. I’ve tried swapping RX/TX wires and such to make sure I’ve got that right but no joy.

The M+ is powered from a BEC so it is connected to the node with TX, RX, and ground.


Hi @Desuetude,

Welcome to the community forum!

We haven’t tested Reach M+ in such a setup, so I can barely guide you through the correct configuration. I can only recommend sticking to the Reach M+ with Pixhawk configuration as we have checked this connection.

Nevertheless, I believe some of our users that are experienced with it could share their thoughts on the topic.

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