Loss of signal between base and rover

When the signal of “LoRa” in the “rover” is lost, due to obstacles or density of vegetation, are the points collected with the “rover” corrected when arriving at “base”?

When I am working with “LoRa” I have lost the signal due to the density of vegetation or by some mountain. my concern is, so on the screen of the “rover” I get out that I’m not connected to “base” are the collected points corrected when they reach “base”?

¿cuándo se pierde la señal de “LoRa” en el “rover”, por obstáculos o densidad de vegetación, se corrigen los puntos colectados con el “rover” al llegar a “base”?

cuando estoy trabajando con “LoRa” he perdido la señal por la densidad de vegetación o por alguna montaña. mi inquietud es, así en la pantalla del “rover” salga que no estoy conectado a “base” ¿se corrigen los puntos colectados al llegar a “base”?

This is what happens:

  1. You set up base and rover for RTK by communicating over LoRa.

  2. You collect points using rover while it shows a status of “Fix” or “Float”. For best accuracy, only collect points when status is “Fix”.

  3. You walk too far or behind some obstacle. LoRa is disconnected. “Age of differential” number is climbing to +10 seconds.

  4. At this point your rover has no base corrections. Rover status changes to “single” and is not doing RTK any more. Points collected are not very accurate while status is “single” .

  5. You walk back toward the base. LoRa is reconnected. “Age of differential” number is low again at 1 - 2 seconds.

  6. Your rover shows status of “Float” or “Fix”. You are now doing RTK again. Points collected have better accuracy while status “Float” or “Fix”.

Fix is best. Only collect points with “Float” status if you can’t obtain “Fix” status.

p.s. I hope the writing style works well with the translator :slight_smile:


No. If you are out of communications range from the base, then the collected points are not corrected.

If you collect points away from the base, then you can use the log files and run post-processing software to correct the points. This is a manual process that you do with a computer after you arrive back at your office.

THANK YOU, apart from the RTKLIB program, have you tried the other program for post processing?

There is a user here @Effigis_OnPOZ who has advertised their commercial post-processing software.

There are many posts about it in the forum. Here is one of them:

I have never used the software and I have no opinion about it. I am only trying to answer your question.

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