greetings, where can I find an external radio with power of about 30km with compactness of Lora frequency 868 / 931Mhz of the Emlid Rs2?

I am in the U.S. and that converts to over 18.5 miles. There isn’t a “end user” radio that will go that distance. I use a 900 mhz radio with 1w output connected to a 5w booster and cannot reach half that distance reliably. Large elevation changes, heavy wooded areas and high tension power lines will interfere with the signal.

You really need to consider Emlid’s NTRIP caster or one of the others, and use cell data for that distance. Also be aware, the bigger the baseline from your base to rover, the accuracy diminishes with distance.


With the amplifier you are referring to, have you managed to fix the equipment with at least 2 miles in wooded places? that with 2 miles it would be more than enough for my use. I would like to thank you if you can send me the brand of the 1w radio and the amplifier or a purchase link please. thanks for your reply.

Sorry, this fell on the back burner. I am in one of my busy seasons right before farmers plant their fields. I will get you that info today.

Here is the amplifier.

A screenshot from Google Earth, 2.6 miles from base with woods and a high tension power line between them. Our 1w radio made it to the power line but wouldn’t go beyond. I should say, our bse antenna is 90 feet tall also.

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