LoRa range decreased (seems to be hardware related)

I have three Emlid RS2, two months ago suddenly one of the units reduced its range to 500 meters maximum (either as a base or as a rover), we stopped using it. Last week, one of the remaining RS2’s started having the same problem after being used in PPK mode. The settings never changed. The range tests were done in different places to rule out external factors. Is it possible that by having the LoRa activated but without physically connecting the antenna, the LoRa can be damaged? Since the antenna is not connected, perhaps it cannot dissipate the energy of the radio transmitter? I am not an expert in electronics or radio, but when using it in PPK mode, the operator never disabled LoRa from the configuration and obviously did not screw the antenna, then when going back to RTK the significant and irreversible loss of range appeared.


To get ahead of it, email support@emlid.com with your serial number etc.

Wonder if a loose connection inside? I’d wait to see what Emlid says.

Hi Augusto,

No, this can’t damage LoRa. So, the issue must be related to something else. Let’s figure it out.

Have you tried connecting different antennas to different units? To make sure the issue isn’t linked to the antenna.

Any chance you have raw data and base correction logs from surveys when you noticed this range decreasing?

Also, I see you haven’t changed any settings, but what if you try to change them? For example, the lower Air data rate, the longer the range. To unlock more Air data rate options, you need to choose fewer RTCM3 messages in the Base mode. Can you try that for testing purposes?

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