LORA Radio setting sending correction from base to rover?

Can anyone provide step by step procedure on how to configure Reach M2 Lora radio sending correction from BASE TO ROVER?

I have ordered 2 units of reach m2 with lora radio.

i just want to know how to set it up while waiting for the package.


i will change it to LoRa instead of TCP? since i will be using Lora…

Pls correct me if Im wrong

That’s correct. Make sure the frequencies and air data rates are exactly the same.

Hi Joseph,

For the LoRa setup, you can use the same settings as specified in the guide for 2 RS2 receivers.

thank you

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do i have to do this everytime i use it device?

As long as you are using the same base and rover you set it and forget it. The only changes I have made to my setup is occasionally changing the frequency if I am having issues in a signal dense environment to try and determine if that interference is causing a problem.

Hi Joseph,

Michael is right, it’s a one-time procedure. After you set it up, all the settings will be saved in the app.

Do you need absolute or relative accuracy for your survey? What’s your use-case?

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