LoRa Radio no power lights?

Hi. I have a LoRa radio and M+ with a tallyman gnss antenna. I have it all hooked up now and have a few questions/ problems.

  1. All the lights light up on the M+ but no lights on the Lo Ra radio - is this normal - it looks to me like there is at least a power light.
  2. I am wanting to get a gps reading to my computer. I have it connected via usb but my computer doesn’t seem to recognise the device. Any way to get this to happen? - Its windows 10 tablet.

LoRa radio from what? Make sure your frequencies and transfer rates match?

Thanks for the question, From what, I’m wanting to connect to an outback or hemisphere base. How do I find what my frequencies are and data rates?
But am I right that the antenna should still power up when plugged into the m+ if the M+ is powered?

Yes, the antenna gets its power from the M+.

Configuring the frequency and data rates will be dependent upon which receiver you go with. Is there a reason you wouldn’t use an Emlid Reach solution? I’ll have to defer to Emlid support as to compatibility with Reachview, but you have to use another software/data collection solution…

Thanks again, so is there a reason why my M+ lights up properly but no lights on my Lo Ra radio when its plugged into the m+? Also if I cant get it to work with the outback base I might by am Emlid one. I am trying to make a Gps system for my tractor and my neighbor already has a tower with an outback base on it.

Any help on why the Lo Ra doesn’t power up. when the m+ is powered?


Do you use Reach M+ LoRa radio module? Can you post a photo of LoRa to Reach M+ connection, please?

LoRa radio PWR LED should become solid green after you power it.

Do you want to accomplish the RTK communication over the LoRa with a non-Reach base?

It seems you need to install the serial driver. Please follow these steps:

Thanks so much, Sorry for poor reply times. I’m in the field seeding long hours.
I will get a picture of the m+ and connections
Yes I do want to accomplish rtk communication over LoRa with a non reach base
I will try to install the serial driver
Your post looks like it will be very helpful

Here is a pictures of how its hooked up


Thanks for the photo!

Can I ask you to contact us on support@emlid.com with LoRa radio module order details (order date and number)?

Please take into account that Reach LoRa can’t be integrated with LoRas from other manufacturers.

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Hi. I have sent the order details as asked.
So am I understanding correctly that I can’t use an outback base then? I will have to buy an Emlid base?


You may be able to use the correction data from the Outback base, but you will not be able to receive that correction data with an Emlid LoRa module.

With Emlid devices, you must have an Emlid LoRa at both ends so that the RF communication protocol is the same. Just because another device uses LoRa technology, it doesn’t mean it will speak the same language.

Is there another way for you to get the Outback correction data? Like over the internet? Otherwise yes, you would be better off to use an Emlid base.


Thanks for the help. I guess I will be ordering an emlid base. Is there any way to crank up the power so it will reach farther or is that not necessary. I just know that the outback base is set to send a powerful signal, currently reaches about 20 miles

You could purchase a high power radio which is external to your Reach device to get extended range. You may be required to obtain radio station license(s) to operate a high power radios though.

If you were going to purchase a high power radio, then you may be able to get one that is compatible with that Outback base and interface it with your M+.

But you know that we would rather have you using a Reach base station as well :wink:

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