LoRa input correction

Hallo…anybody else here know why my RS plus rover LoRa input connection not fix for a long time. Even my area is at clear skyview…please help

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What settings for LoRa did you configure for the base and the rover? Are the frequency and the air data rate the same for both receivers?

I’ve been having this same issue for a couple of months. Even though my settings are the same for both units, the LoRa radio corrections won’t transmit.

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Have you tried changing the frequency for LoRa? This may help, as sometimes certain channels in your area are already used for other purposes. You can change the frequency to the maximum allowed in the app, and go down with the 1-2 MHz steps until you find the frequency that works best for your area.

Hi liudmila.slepova, I’m seeing this problem on the RS+, and on the M2 with the LoRa module, all with firmware 30.1. The frequency must be changed and return to the initial frequency in both units (Base and Rover) to start the transmission and reception of data by LoRa.

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Did this issue appear on release 30.1 or earlier? Do you need to do this action each time you turn on the device?

Greetings liudmila.slepova, I saw this problem on my client’s machines in version 30 and 30.1. When the device is turned on is when this situation is detected (that LoRa does not work), in percentage I would say that 75% of the time LoRa does not work when turning on the equipment.

I see, thanks for the details!

It seems we haven’t received similar reports so it’d be useful to take a look at the Full system report from those receivers. You may send them to support@emlid.com, and I’ll review them.

I notice this with my RS2+ everytime I go out I have to go to correction settings and turn lora off then back on and then it gets corrections right away , dont know what causes this but I have gotten in to a habit of doing it

This looks like is solved with v 31 1

Please let me know in case you catch the same behavior again on 31 Beta 1. I’d need the Full system reports from the base and the rover to analyze this case. Thanks!

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