Looking for Reach RS datasets for post-processing tests

Hi all,

I am looking for raw datasets for postprocessing trials. I am currently waiting for my RS+'s to be shipped, but trying to prep myself, as I will have to use my units for a job right away when they arrive.
I am looking for a base station observation of 30min to 2 hours, and multiple static rover observations, preferably 30 sec to 5 min observation time.
Preferably GPS, GLONASS, Gal, and SBAS.
Preferably under 3 months old, so I can still find CORS station data for referencing.

Data can be posted here or sent to me on email, info at dronographica dot dk, in which case they’ll be handled confidentially.

Can anyone provide? Fingers crossed!

@wizprod here’s quite good log that should suit your needs.
wizprod-test-logs.zip (242.9 KB)

Thanks! Will crunch some data laver tonight then!

Has anyone succeeded in processing the data from REACH/Reach RS to Trimble Total Control or Trimble Geomatic Office or Trimble Business Control?

You’ll get more useful answers if you create your own thread :wink:

@wizprod, how’s your PPK training?

Going forward! I got 70% or so q=1 in the data set.

Now I’m just getting impatient about the shipment of my 2 RS+ units. Hopefully my order will be shipped this week, according to your Sales Support team. Sadly they also said that last week, so starting to loose faith a little.
Maybe you can do some more in your end?

@wizprod, hope you’ll get your RS+ soon, our sales team is making its best to get the orders dispatched.

Thanks! Looking forward!

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