Logging data issue

Hi everybody,
I’m working with Reach RS2 coupled with an ADCP for collecting georeferenced bathymetry data. It happens sometimes (not always, and this is strange) that while logging the data in RTK, receiving or not the NTRIP corrections, the logging files stopped and restart by themselves. The problem is that, first, I get several UBX or LLH to be eventually postprocessed, and second, that between one file and another may be a gap of several seconds or minutes, that in my case means spatial gap of missing data.

The firmware version is 28.4 (up to date), and there’s not the possibility to update the firmware to the 29 version.

Can you help me? Thank you in advance!!

Hi Beatrice,

Updating the receiver to the latest stable firmware version which is 30 now is the first thing we need to do to eliminate any possibility of the firmware issue and proceed with troubleshooting.

Most likely, your unit is not connected to the Internet, and that’s why it keeps saying the firmware is up-to-date.

To connect RS2 to the Internet, you can follow one of these guides:

  1. Connecting Reach to the Internet via Wi-Fi | Reach RS2/RS2+
  2. Connecting Reach to the Internet via mobile hotspot | Reach RS2/RS2+
  3. Connecting Reach to the Internet via built-in modem | Reach RS2/RS2+

Please, keep us posted.

Hi there,

We were in touch with Beatrice via email regarding this issue. And I thought to share the latest news here. After the update to the 30 Reach firmware version, recording the logs started to work like a charm.

If you face similar issues, connect the receiver to the internet and ensure its firmware is up-to-date. If it doesn’t help, feel free to contact us at support@emlid.com or create a new forum thread.