Local Elevations

Hi all. I searched the forum for quite a while and my terms did not produce the results I was looking for.

I am new to using this type of system or having to post-process and am trying to emulate the workflow and results of a survey-grade GPS system like Trimble or Topcon. In these systems a localization is done to average the error of the on-the-ground monuments versus the record locations per a plat or CAD file. We work in EPSG state plane coordinates as well. Can someone please advise or provide some documentation on how to use local benchmark elevations instead of the Geoid height? Horizontal can be manually localized in CAD.

Thank you!

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Initially it will be for drone GCP’s and will be perfect for that application especially since it has a dronedeploy export. The problem I have with it is that it uses Geo height rather than local benchmark elevations. I have to have the ground elevations in order to compare my drone surveys to the design surface or the existing Contours that we were provided on the plans. it’s easy to convert WGS84 to our state plane and if needed move and rotate those points according to any local Corrections that were made or the misplacement of the system by the surveyor or engineer.

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One more clarification is that currently, when I export the points from my topcon data collector I substitute the geoid height with the surface elevation and then convert that to meters.

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