Lefebure NTRIP Client with RS2 - No fix

I have installed NTRIP Client for Android on Android device and want to use it with emlid RS2 and Austrian APOS NTRIP Caster.
I am not able to get fix or send GPS Coordinatos via MOC Locations to Android App like ArcGIS Collector?
IP, User and Password is ok, I can see the List of Casters.
What could be the Problem?

Have you followed this guide?

Also, set NTRIP in Reachview, not Lefebure. Only use Lefebure for the mock location feature, using the BlueTooth output from Reachview.

Ntrip in Reachview works and use the data with no Caster in Lefbure.
Thanks very much!

It would be better to use Lefebure on the Anrdoid device to get APOS NTRIP data then I do not Need a internet Connection with SIM or else on RS2 and I can swich of NTRIP data (cost About € 5/hour)

Do somebody know a other NTRIP Client like Lefebure which works?

Hi Peter,

May I ask you to clarify if you were able to resolve the initial issue?

We usually recommend connecting Reach to an NTRIP station directly. However, it should be possible to configure the Lefebure app to get corrections from NTRIP and then send them to Reach over BT. For it, you should configure BT option in the Correction Input tab of ReachView.

The corrections in Reach work well.

I want to send NMEA from Reach to Lefebure and do Corrections with NTRIP there, so I Need just one device with SIM and Internet.

When do you deliver RS2 again to General Laser. Because the have no to sell and I Need a few.
Is Corona Virus still affecting delivery?

But you do not need a SIM card in your RS2. Just connect your RS2 on a mobile hotspot. You need a second android device to then connect to ReachView, but it works perfectly well.

Check this guide.

I also think of that. So you tried it. I will try it too.
Thanks a lot for your time

Hi Peter,

You can connect Reach to a mobile hotspot to provide it with the Internet also. In this case, you don’t need a SIM card inside the Reach RS2 device.

Unfortunately, we had a production delay due to coronavirus outbreak. Now we are back on track. We expect to have the new batch soon.

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