Led green and purple alternately

Hi @igorvereninov @TB_RTK @bide.
What is this mean, led green and purple alternately, I can connect to reach wi-fi, but can’t open ReachView.

:thinking: not sure. I don’t remember seeing those colours before.

What about the web page at port 5000? Does that one work?

Not work.
I just unplug for about 4 minutes, then plug it again. It solved. But when I let it green and purple alternately for along time, ReachView couldn’t accessed.

I have the same issue.

After updating to Reachview 2.2.6 I can not open ReachView with local hotspot.
I connect Reach to power -> Reach start transmitting local hotspot -> I connect to Reach hotspot -> Reach Led blinking green/purple and I can not open ReachView on my browser (google chrome).

When I am using my local Wi-Fi the problem does not occur.

Thank in advance for help!

Same here, after updating to v2.3 image Green/Purple light are blinking alternately, the hotspot is created but Im unable to access the Initial Config Page

Green/purple signifies the time sync in the hotspot mode. To go past this, connect an antenna and let it get the GPS time(really bad skyview, like putting the antenna out of the window usually works).