Launching new documentation!

All documentation for Navio project is at the moment stored as blog posts and this is clearly not the way to go. As our community grows a need in a convenient way to store and edit documentation arrises.

Our main criterias for picking a platform were:

  1. Easy to create and edit
  2. Anyone can contribute
  3. Version control
  4. Clear structure
  5. Great looks

We have chosen to write docs in markdown, store them in git and serve as a static web page. This way anyone can contribute by making a pull request on github and at the same time we have total control over the content.

Within next few days we will be transferring documentation from blog to

We are looking for your feedback on this matter and welcome contributions.

Please visit

Great job guys.
This will definitely be more user-friendly.

I received my navio+ today, so please hurry and publish RTK for Odroid. Im itching to get this going.
If you looking for beta tester`s, mail me. :slight_smile:


There have been many new releases including Odroid and Pi2. Both platforms require a large amount of work to be completed before they are usable. We are working on it as fast as we can.

I like this documentation, It’s even for people without a emlid product interesting, especially the rtklib sections.
Thank You

We have made a switch to! All tutorials have been transferred there :tada:

Looks good I like it :slight_smile: I was having trouble finding some things in the blogs.
Oh could you add something to say if the spi/i2c/uart headers are 5v or 3.3v?

Thanks Mathew! It is right here

Just added new tutorial by @mikhail.avkhimenia “how to setup RTKLIB rover with NEO6-T USB dongle”

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nice :wink:
I found here on page 13 the settings for the Ublox M8N RAW data output, maybe you could add them also to the Documentation. At the point #set-up-rtk-mode I think you should also select Glonass and maybe SBAS for the Ublox M8N.

We have made some fine adjustments to the docs that should improve usability further:

  1. Added search
  2. Docs are now mobile friendly!
  3. Fixed image links handling and images now show up on GitHub correctly.

Welcome to the upgraded docs!

We were also really glad to see pull-request to the docs repository on GitHub. Contributions and improvements are always welcome. :wink: