Latest version softeare update 2.26 Failure

The latest release 2.26 keeps dropping rover connection and there is no way to downgrade. This effectively does not give us a backup plan in order to revert to older versions. This has been a trend with Emlid for several years. We used to be able to downgrade after flashing but someone got the bright idea that every new release is perfect, but it’s not. Five days later no response from Emlid. Four days of construction 4000m of underground utilities installed and a failing RS2 software update.

Emlid should allow more control over the units we OWN in order to alleviate their technical issues and allow us to move forward individually. This may or may not solve our current issues with the new updates but we will never know if they dont allow us to use the software for the equipment we bought where we are the new owners of said product.

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Hi Michael,

I have just responded to your email with further steps on how we can proceed in your case. I hope that following these steps allows you to return to the survey work at the nearest time.

I also want to outline that we reproduced your setup on the 26 stable version and didn’t catch the behavior you described. This means the issue you experience does not look firmware-related.

Every time before we release the new update, we do thorough testing of all its features to make sure everything works as expected. And not only we but our users working with Beta releases, too. We do not implement features in stable if they don’t go through the Beta cycle. If there are issues with new updates, we know about them and hold the update until they are fixed and properly tested from scratch.


Hi Tatiana,

I have one of the tablets configured rtk fix with Mapit GIS without mock ntrip seems same as before am home with it now will give it a go tomorrow.

What I did was unpaired bluetooth and then went through the setup with them via phone and reach app. This seems to be working with the tablet again. I am sending data from the FDOT FPRN base log in conjunction with the original files I had sent new logs from the functioning settings so you may compare them to see where the issues may have been.

Holy cow I am 3 days away from a half million dollar invoicing cycle. This is cutting it close and my lesson here is never update when I am super dependent on the units such as now.

Thank you for your guidance in the email you sent, that is what worked concerning the bluetooth issue.

Stress relieved!

Super happy you attended to this matter :grin:

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Good grief… yeah, lesson learned. That kind of ca$h, I’d have a couple backup units etc.

Also, it’s been awhile, but pretty sure a way to still flash to a prior version, but it’s kind of difficult for most… something about SSH into it? I think @bide helped at the time to save my life. ; )