Latest stable firmware on RS2 not remembering NTRIP information

Having an issue with the latest firmware where the RS2 wont save and remember the NTRIP access information - having to re enter after each reboot.

Not the end of the world, but a little frustrating :slight_smile:


Hi @hairyape1,

Thanks for the report! We’ll look into that.

Have you had a chance to check out our new beta ReachView 3 app? It can store credentials for several NTRIP profiles and works with the latest stable firmware.

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Hi, Yes I have had a go with ReachView 3 app and the information is sometimes logged and sometimes not.
Also tried using through we browser with IP address and no improvement :confused:

Please let me know if you find a fix .

Also please take a look at our other post regarding issues connecting to RS2 via the app - it could be related?

Hi @hairyape1,

Thanks for your patience!

We couldn’t reproduce the issue. NTRIP data is saved during the reboot of the unit if the Correction Input is not turned off.

If you turn it off, on the next start of the unit you will need to enter the data once again. To save time, you can use our ReachView 3 app that allows you to save NTRIP profiles and load them quickly onto your receivers.

To let us check why your receiver doesn’t allow the data loading, please share your Full System Report with me in PM or via This will help us to analyze the connection difficulties that you described in this thread.

Hi Polina,

Again I didnt get a chance to check this last week. Will sort this week :slight_smile:

Just some additional feedback from use in the last week.

Reach3 app saves ntrip reliably. But when you select ntrip off, it doesn’t always turn the feed off (sometimes it does after a few minutes, sometimes its still running even after 30 minutes)

But reading your reply it appears that maybe the NTRIP info actually should disappear everytime ntrip is turned off and rebooted? If so this is different from the past where we could turn ntrip on and off and move out licenses between multiple devices and back to the emlid which would then remember the login information?

Hi @hairyape1,

It’d be cool to get the report once you have a chance to get it :slight_smile:

Do I get it correctly that you continue getting the NTRIP corrections after you turn the Correction Input off?

NTRIP credentials information can be saved as a profile in the ReachView 3 app only. However, ReachView 2 can save the settings if you turn on the device with the same settings as you turn it off with. Also, if you turn off the Correction Input in ReachView 2, it should be possible to turn it on again with the NTRIP credentials saved.

Hi Polina,
in order to avoid this problem with RV2 you suggest using the RV3 which allows to save NTRIP profiles. The problem is that RV3 doesn’t have all the functionality of the RV2 for example it can’t switch to Base mode. Or it does?

Hi @vgo195,

ReachView 3 has the full functionality of the ReachView 2 app. You can work in the Base mode tab while working with ReachView 3. For that, you need to connect to the unit, choose the Settings tab and go to the Base mode tab. I’ll attach the screenshots.

Thanks Polina,
it seems I missed this one.

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