Large Post Processing Variance - RS2

I’ve been evaluating the RS2 units in an urban scenario (my back garden) which has a fairly limited sky view to the west and south but not bad north and east. I positioned one of the units on a tripod / tribrach over a mark in the garden and ran three observations of several hours on three different days. The nearest OS RINEX station is only 2.6km from the mark.

Using the Emlid settings for RTKPost in the docs page with RTKLib b31 the three observations all achieved a fix and are within 7cm XY and 11cm Z, which is a larger variance than I would have expected. Using RTKLib b33b2 to process the third (longest) observation using the RTKExplorer recommended settings (which also achieved a fix), the XY variance was almost 50cm against the b31 results:

With the RS+ units when we ran multiple observations and processing of the same point, it would almost always result in a total RMSE of 0.05m or less XYX.

Is there a recommended static post processing settings for RTKPost for the RS2 using either b31 or ideally b33b2 that has been optimised for the U-Blox multi channel receivers?



Are you running RTKpost using Fix-and-hold or continuous?

Do you have some pictures of the environment?

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I select
Output Single if Sol Outage - ON
Max Sol Std (m) - <= 0.03

This way it will select lines with standard deviations of 0.03 or less in the final computation. Or at least that is what I think it means. Problem with RTKLib is the lack of explanations on the numerous options available.

Hi Rory,

It’s interesting! Would you please share the raw logs with us? You can PM them or send to

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Disable the output single solution for now, as that makes it much easier to debug, as you then can see how the each epoch is resolved.

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