Just blink yellow

My reach just blinking yellow. Help me please, what happened?


What was the version when you last used it? What changed in your setup? New Wi-Fi network?

I forget what version the reach was. But I bought it about 4 mouths ago. And I never flashed it.

Does it create a hotspot?

No, it doesn’t

Does it continue indefinitely? Did you configure the wi-fi networks recently?

I have often tried it, turned off then turned on, wait a few minutes blink orange, no changed. Then turned it off, and on it again and again.
I would like to flashed it, but I just failed installed the driver repeatedly. I have no more idea.

Can’t access reachview, so can’t change network settings.

I am not sure, I can help here. You have already reflashed in the past, right? What goes wrong now? I thought you have the drivers installed already.

Right, but I have upgraded my windows to win 10 32 bit. Then I try to run flashing just like before, but failed installed drivers. I don’t know why.

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