Just 1 Reach M2 with TK NTRIP service


If I choose an RTK NTRIP service, can I just use 1 Reach M2 as a rover? , or do you need an extra Unit?


Yes, it can be used. I use it with a Harxon GPS-500 antenna, but it’s also good with a spiral antenna


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For RTK, you need to use two receivers: a base and a rover. But you’re right, you don’t always need 2 RTK receivers. It’s also possible to use an NTRIP service to get corrections via the Internet. It allows getting centimeter accuracy with only one Reach M2 used as a rover. However, some NTRIP providers may take a fee.

Thanks for your reply. Nice solution :+1:

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Hey Elena,

Thanks for the links.
I ordered the Reach M2 with GNSS Antenna.


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My Reach M2 has arrived. :grinning:

How do you set up the M2?
How can I set up the NTRIP service?

Greetings from the Netherlands

Hi Jerome,

I see Elena has already shared our NTRIP guide with you. Have you set it up? Do you need any help?

Thanks, it’s working :+1:


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