Jessie with a new RT-kernel


Just checking when will the Raspbian update (Jessie) with a new RT-kernel will be ready?

I am getting occasional segfaults with the Wheezy image, but not really wanting to spend time tracking this down if the Jessie build is coming soon.



I can consistently cause a “segmentation fault”, by git cloning linux-rt-rpi and compiling (on rpi2 itself, not cross compiling).

git clone -b rpi-3.18.9-rt5
cd linux-rt-rpi
make -j5

Make without j5 seems to get through most of the time, but j5 usually doesn’t make it to the end.

Can someone else confirm they are not having any issues? I have cloned my SD card to another one and tested on another rpi2 board with the same error.

I wonder if it is because we needed to use jessie repo on top of wheezy for gcc that us causing grieve.


We’re working on the new image. The thing is it’s quite different. it has systemd as the default init system. This changes a lot of things.

Segmentation fault occurs on your host? Or the new kernel segfaults when run on Raspberry?

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Ah yes, systemd is quite a pain, had to go through that from RHEL6 to RHEL7.

Segfault occurs with the new kernel on the RPI2. To reproduce it, git clone linux-rt-rpi on RPI2 and make -j5.

As I test, I installed the standard Raspian Jessie image, and complied the RT patch. Looking good, no segfaults after loading new RT kernel. cyclictest returns 92uS as max latency.

Does anyone know if RT is still incompatible with the FIQ drivers? I have not disabled FIQ, and system boots up OK. Please advise I can check if FIQ is incompatible.