It would have been better in the first time update

I’m a new user to the Reach Rtk and RS in India. I had gone through all the steps to setup a reach rs or simple reach. I understood that we require a wifi or a mobile hotspot to update the firmware for the first time. In case where home or office wifi is not available, we can rely on mobile hotspot wifi. However, in the second case we require two devices (mobile+mobile or mobile+laptop). It would have been better if there is no requirement that the both reach and mobile/laptop to work on the same wifi.

If everything can be possible with only one mobile which already has internet (4g/3g) to update the reach firmware, it would be great.

I didn’t understand the logic in putting both the devices i.e. reach and the mobile on same network if it has to upgrade the firmware in reach.

As the mobile already has 4g, when the reach searchers for wifi, it can directly take the data from the mobile hotspot while the mobile (controller here) stil can use it’s own mobile data. I’m facing difficulty to get two devices to start with.

Can anyone comment

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It is assumed that you will accomplish ‘first time setup’ at your office where there is 1 WiFi network. This is the only reason why both Reach devices will be on the same network. In fact you could update one with your mobile WiFi hotspot and one with your office Wifi. It really does not matter. So the logic is as follows:

  1. Unpack your new Reach device
  2. Turn it on
  3. Connect to Reach’s WiFi
  4. Open up ReachView (you see the updater page)
  5. Enter details of a WiFi network that has Internet access.
  6. Let Reach connect to that network.
  7. Connect to the same network as Reach.
  8. Open up ReachView again and let Reach update itself.
  9. You are done.
  10. Now you are free to add or change Reach settings to any other WiFi network of your choosing.
  11. If you want to do first time setup on any other new Reach devices then repeat this procedure.

I hope that makes it clear that it is just a convenience to set up the two Reach on the same Internet-accessible network for first time setup and just to play around and get used to them. Of course in actual usage they will probably be too far apart to use the same WiFi network.

Do you have any more questions?

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Do we have to use the mobile continuously near the base and rover after the setup??. Because in the case of drifters it is not possible to have many mobiles. How can we download the data from the reach rs and reach module??

No, Reach does not require any WiFi or other connection. It is a standalone computer with data storage. You can retrieve your log files afterward. When finished, just connect to WiFi and go to the logs tab and download the log files you want.

However, if you want to real-time positioning sent from Reach to another device (mobile phone, laptop) then yes, of course you need a constant connection. But I don’t think you need this for your application. You can analyze the data afterward, correct?

Today, i tried connecting my reach to my mobile hotspot and all the procedure was followed. I used laptop for accessing reach.

Initially i switched ON my reach with a power bank and waited for some time. It created a wifi and I selected the reach wifi in my laptop and opened a chrome browser and opened the reach view. I have entered my mobile hotspot wifi details in the add wifi section and tried connecting. It displayed a message that reach is switching to my wifi. But it didn’t connected to it. I’ve also switched my laptop to get connected to the same mobile wifi. It didn’t go beyond it. Where am I going wrong?

How to delete the saved wifi networks in reach view app?

Thank you

Here are some common issues:

  1. You use your mobile to connect to Reach’s WiFi to configure Reach to connect to your mofile WiFi. The problem is that the mobile WiFi hotspot is not on at that time, so there is nothing for Reach to connect to. You need to Power off Reach; turn on your mobile WiFi hotspot; then power on Reach and it will find your mobile WiFi and connect to it.

  2. Your mobile WiFi name or password may contain space characters or special characters or punctuation characters. Sometimes it is hard to enter these correctly. So make sure your mobile WiFi name and password are very simple. Consider trying only alphanumeric characters with no spaces.

Yes my mobile hotspot name has spaces, but it got connected to my laptop without any problem. I’ll try again keeping simple name.

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