Issue in finding fixed solution with rover

hi All,
when using the rover to collect the coordinates for my GCP im having trouble with obtaining a fixed solution. for the past year of using the RS2 ive never experienced this problem.
ive tried updating the rover to the latest firmware version.

if there are any solutions or reasons for these issues occurring please get back to me.

thank you.

Can you show some pictures of your environment?

How / where do you receive corrections from?

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Hi Jordan,

Welcome to the community forum!

Calculation of the solution depends on many factors like the baseline, the environmental conditions, the stability of the RTK link and so on. That’s why now it’s hard to understand what can be the issue for you.

I’d recommend checking the following:

  1. Make sure all your units are on the latest 26 Firmware update as it provides improvements for the RTK calculations

  2. Check the placement of the unit: there should be a clear sky view and no electronics nearby. Our Placement guide can help you with the main points

  3. If you’re using LoRa radio, make sure the LoRa antennas are firmly attached to both units. There should be no obstacles between the base and the rover so that the line of sight is provided

  4. There may be local restrictions on different LoRa frequencies. Try changing them within the allowed range to find which works best for you in the current

  5. Keep the working baseline within the limits: for RS2 it’s up to 60 km in RTK and 100 km in PPK

Please check your setup with this points. Keep us updated on whether this improves your solution.

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