Is there a warm-up time for fix for the Reach M+?


Considering investing in the Reach M+, but have a few questions:

  • On my RS+'s I need to allow for 5-10 minutes for there be a proper, high quality fix. I would assume I need the same for the M+ ?
  • In that case, have anyone made “pre-heat” solutions for their drones? I am would just solve it by distributing power more seperately or by another battery.

Hi Wizprod,
our experience is that after approximately 2 minutes after powering on the drone, the M+ is ‘single’ as a status and ready to fly.


But single status isnt good enough for the centimeter precision, that’s my issue. Do you use RTK or PPK?

We work via the PPK process.

And haven’t got issues with the first 10-15 min are only a float solution?

Our base has a fix within 1 to 5 minutes… drone has a single status within 2 minutes…
We’ve made a small video presenting the results:

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Hi @wizprod,

Do you work in RTK?

Well, I would like to avoid the extra work of post processing, and I would like to feed the flight controller the RTK NMEA stream for added precision during.

Hi @wizprod,

Yes, usually you need about the same time as with RS+.
What’re your environmental conditions and hardware setup?

Please, can you clarify what do you mean by “pre-heat” solutions?

Thanks !
No setup yet. Looking into whether or not to buy.

If there is a warm-up time for the receiver, letting the drone sit fully turned on would drain battery from the drone, thus giving you less flight-time.
So instead one would be looking at solution where you could power up the M+, let it get a fix, then startup the drone and switch over the M+ module to the Drone power pack (without turning it off in the process).

Hi @wizprod,

The best solution for that is to power M+ with an external power bank.
Note, that in this case, you’ll need to cut the power wire connected to the drone controller.

Is that to prevent power Noise from the drone systems?

No, to prevent dual powering the device.

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