Is the Navio2 supplied image RT?

Just a quick clarification needed from @Emlid

The navio2 rpi image provided in the docs works great (I’ve got APM up and running and everything) - is there a link to the kernel source somewhere?

The only kernel source I can find is for the 3.18.9-rt5-v7+ used elsewhere in the docs for Navio+

A quick uname -r on the installed Navio2 image gives 4.1.6-v7+

Two questions off the back of this:

  1. (as above) Is there a link to the kernel source for module compilation?
  2. Is this still an RT kernel?

Bumping with an update because I’ve had time to do a proper search of the forums:

Kernel info in this thread is useful -


You can compile kernel modules agains this branch.

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Thanks @staroselskiy - I was just this second sitting back down to this! Your timing is impeccable.

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