Is it possible for the Emlid Reach RS2+ base to log raw data at the same time that it's providing corrections to the rover?

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Is it possible for the Emlid Reach RS2+ base to log raw data using the Emlid Flow app at the same time that it’s providing corrections to the rover?

And on a related subject, does the RS2+ store the raw observation files on the unit itself or are the logs stored on the Android device that controls it?

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Yes. I thought you have an RS2+ ? Easy to test.

Logs are stored on the receiver. Flow plays no part in logging raw gnss data. And, Flow need not even be connected to the receiver for logging to occur. Turn it on and it starts logging, provided “auto start” has been set in settings.


Thanks for the reply Dave. I very much appreciate your help.

In part one of your reply and in answer to your question, yes, I also have been provided with the RS2+ for my tests. The past 5 weeks have largely been focused on testing the RX. I just finished writing the report (prepared for E38 Survey Solutions) and am ready now to start playing with the RS2+, which I’ve been looking forward to doing.

That’s what I was guessing after doing a 30 minute static session last night, and that is great news. And to be a wee bit clearer, is it’s logging interval completely independent from GNSS corrections update rates? I only ask after reading postings on the forum concerning post processing static files by OPUS. I understand why a recorded log might need an interval commensurate to rover post processing, but that’s not what I’m asking.

The scenario I’m thinking of involves multiple hours of RTK surveying with the RS2+ as the the base. The rover’s points aren’t going to be post processed; however, I may want to shift the entire lot of them once I’ve post processing the base. The base would be set to collect at 30-second intervals and then later post processed. The rover’s points would then need to be shifted by the Δx, Δy, Δz.

Then finally, is there any Emlid (or other) software to accomplish the shifting of the rover’s points? Or will the user need to do that manually, likely using a spreadsheet approach?

Hi Kelly,

Sure, the logging interval doesn’t depend on the GNSS settings. It can repeat it by using the Full rate, or be configured to 1, 5, or 30 seconds.

We don’t have such an option, but it can be accomplished in any spreadsheet editor like Excel. You can check our Support tip to learn more.

In addition to Dave’s answer, Reach RS2+ can even record the corrections received from another base or NTRIP service. This can be enabled in the Logging tab via the toggle Base correction. It may come in handy when you can’t request the RINEX from CORS but can connect to it in RTK.


OK. Great. Thanks Kirill!

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