IRLOCK and Navio

Old thread was closed and it’ll soon sink in the old threads. I think it is a mistake because new people that may be interested in precision landing stuff may be interested in the dev of it.


I found this looking around, is it of any use? It could solve all compatibility issues we have with not supported hardware?


@Corrado_Steri Yes, this should solve some compatibility issues. But this is in the master and it is broken in a few places, so don’t expect it to work right now. In some time the code will be repaired and stabilized, please be patient.

Isn’t this a place where to talk about tech stuff about navio and such? I think it is a very interesting post i found, nothing to be told to be patient but a great discussion opportunity.

And maybe once this new HAL will be up and running we will not have to lag behind, i think betas are at 3.4.2-rc2 now.



IRLock support is in-tree. Take a look at this PR.

That is great to hear.

Could you please explain a bit what happens now?

As i understand it drivers are now inside ardupilot so it’ll be supported in one of the next RC correct?


The IRLock support is now in master for not only Pixhawk-derived but for all including Navio 2.

I suggest grab a binary from the build server and test it out. I don’t expect a new RC to be released soon.
I think it’ll work right out of the box. But please note that flying off a master branch might be dangerous as it’s unstable.

I think we will wait for an RC with support. We waited some moths so it doesn’t make sense to risk now that it is only some weeks away.
Once there will be an RC with it we will test it. Testing master is a bit too much.

Thank you anyway for the explanation and the good news.