iOS compatibility with Reach

Is there any update on this - i.e. getting RTK gps through to the iphone instead of the internal gps?
This closed thread suggests the answer is still no if I read it correctly.

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For now, you can get the position from Reach receivers to iOS-based devices via TCP only. For example, ArcGIS Survey123 works great for that. We’ve tested it and created a quick step-by-step guide.

We’re definitely checking the Bluetooth integration. But at the moment, to use it with Reach, you need to work with Android or Windows devices. This integration guide covers the main steps.

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Please note that TCP connection is possible with iOS devices to ESRI Survey123, but not yet, as far as I know, to ESRI Field Maps or the soon to be retired ESRI Collector. For now, you must use an Android device + Bluetooth connection for compatibility with Field Maps.

I-things (pad/phone whatever) have never played nice with anything BT that uses the SPP (Serial Port Protocol) Only way to make it work is to spend a lot of $$$ and get Apple’s approval, and that also takes a lot of time.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Polina, the integration guide is very helpful, thank you.
It appears the Android phone is the way to go for the medium term.

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Or an Android tablet with your iPhone in hotspot mode if internet is needed

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