Invisible Reach RTK Modules in the app

I have two Reach RTK modules bought more than one ago.
I temporarily used them during the last summer in 2017 to check the module accuracy.
Now, I want to use it again for UAV so I attempted to update the firmware of the modules as the first step.
I powered on and then I tried to connect the modules through wifi with my mobile device but the reachview app showed nothing.
I tried to connect them with an internet browser and the app but both failed.
I can see and connect the modules in my mobile device but the reachview app does not seem to recognize them.
How can I get them into the app? Please, help.

You probably need to flash reach with latest firmware for the Reachview app to see it, your reach is running to old firmware.

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Yes, thanks.
But I question is how I can flash the firmware.
The modules are not working with browser and app.

You dont need the app or networking.
Just download new image and flash reach through a usb cable.
The guide is here


Many thanks, again.
By the way, where can I get the image?
The guide does not provide the actual link for the image.
The download link seems a hashed one that is not in the page.

I tried now and link works fine.
Click on Reach Image v2.9 name

Oh, yes. IE works fine.
Chrome does not work with that.
Perfect! Thanks!


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