Internet over Usb (without ethernet adapter in Ubuntu)

Hi everyone,

I am using M2, connected directly to a computer via usb port. I am charging M2 and also sending data by this way. I can’t provide wifi to M2 to use emlid caster but there is a mobile internet unit connected to pc, so i want to provide internet from pc by usb cable.

I’ve read in the forum that there are suitable Ethernet Adapters for this purpose. I don’t have one yet but i am using “Ubuntu” and i thought there should be another method. So my questions are;

  1. Is there a way to provide internet just by connecting m2 directly to computer via usb?

  2. If so, would it create conflict for data transfer using serial connection and also charging over usb?

Hi Ahmet,

For now, it’s not possible to provide Reach M2 with Internet access via a direct USB-to-PC connection. A couple of our users asked about this functionality in the past. I’ll definitely add your notes to those ones so the devs can consider implementing this feature.


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