Internet connection through Wifi possible


I wondered if it was possible for the Reach to get Internet access (and NTRIP broadcasting or receiving) through the smartphone used for getting access to Reachapp?

In other words : if I connect a smartphone to the Reach, will it be able to use the smartphone as a 3G/4G modem?


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You will need to create a hotspot on your phone and connect Reach to it. Reach will get internet access from the phone and connect to NTRIP with ease.

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OK, thanks for your answer. But how will the phone connect to the ReachView app then? Through Bluetooth?

It will connect to the phone through the hotspot you create, through IP, through your web browser. Your hotspot is like a virtual router, capable of assigning and delegating IP addresses to the devices that connect to it.

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OK! Nice thank you :slight_smile:

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