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International Discussion Launched

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Emlid forum now hosts non-English discussions! We’ve added Other languages category to enable easier communication for local communities of Emlid users.

In this category, you can share knowledge or ask for help in your language. Everyone is welcome to participate by posting in the associated sub-categories:

This list can be extended, just send me a direct message and we will consider adding your language!

Emlid team continues to provide support only in English

Tech support requests should be created in English in the corresponding category of the forum:

Please specify the appropriate sub-category and follow the template to get help quickly.

Your feedback on the new changes is welcome! Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts if you have improvements to suggest.

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(Роман Тарлаков) #3

Russia when will?

(Dmitriy Ershov) #4

Hi Roman,

Here it is :slight_smile:


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(Lyon Drone Service) #6

hello please add french language… and reallly appreciate for customer a translation for your guide for use product please

(Andrew Yushkevich) #8

Hi @johan.milani,

You can find French language discussion here :slight_smile: