Internal Error (Reach M+)

After many days of standalone operation (without power interruption), Reach M+ showed continuous orange light (LED status: internal error).
Daily log files have been stopped.
For that day, reachstatus.log says:
[2019-04-09 12:44:36,021] [ WARNING] — Restarting State Listener. Error 111 connecting to localhost:6379. Connection refused. (
Does anyone know possible causes of such an error?
Thanks, and kind regards,

Hi Diego,

Does Reach create a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Hello Dmitriy

Thanks for asking:
Yes, at least it did after restart…

Kind regards,

So does it work now?

Could you go to :5000 port and post a screenshot here?

Yes, it works again!
What is :5000 port, and how do I get the screenshot?
Sorry for asking, I just don’t know…

Is that what you mean?:

Yes, everything looks fine.

May it be, that we had a temperature problem, or do you see any other causes for this interrupt?
Here is what “temperature.log” says:
2019-08-01 14:00:51.012646,120000,103,
2019-08-01 14:01:21.048203,120000,103,
2019-04-30 06:58:23.558018,816000,30,
Kind regards, Diego

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Hi @IceLid,

Could you please share the whole temperature.log file with us?
May I ask you to post here your hardware setup photos as well?

Dear Tatiana

Thanks for responding.
Unfortunately, I’ve already deleted the files.

That day of malfunction it seemed that the Reach M+ temperature has risen to 103°C, which was not the case ever before.
The Reach M+ box has put together with a similar small data logger into a Pelicase.
A space of about 10x10x10 centimetres of foam has been removed for the devices, but there is no air circulation.
The data logger showed an ambient temperature (inside the Pelicase, next to M+) of 55°C at that time.
Maybe that’s too much for the Reach M+?

Kind regards,

Hi Diego,

We recommend providing Reach M+ device with ventilation to prevent issues with overheating.

May I ask you to share your hardware setup photos?

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Hello Tatiana

That’s a bit hard in our application.
Fortunately, the case reaches only inside temperatures of 30°C when placed on the glacier.
It would be great, if the device could go into a low power mode: We need only a few positions per hour, so GPS receiver and CPU could actually go sleeping for 90% of the time.
There are no spectacular images so far…


Hi Diego,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll think about adding this.

Anyway, if you experience such an issue again, please generate the Full System report on the unit and send it to me in PM.

Thanks a lot, Tatiana.
And yes, I will provide the full reports next time…
Best, Diego

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