Intel Edison Driver OS specific?


I’ve run through the install process for firmware reflashing, for Reach/Reach RS - for our Reach RTK & Reach RS. I’m wondering if the Intel Edison driver is OS specific? When I attempt to run it, a terminal program briefly flashes open, but that’s it. Or is this standard?



Withdrawn, so it doesnt cause confusion.

That’s backwards. Edison is discontinued, so the PLUS versions use the Neutis N5 cpu.


Nothing wrong with the Edison, just discontinued so Emlid had to go another route.

As far as OS specific, not sure, but I use Windows 10 and Device Manager sees the RS units after installing proper drivers. Do some searching here and you’ll find some posts about this. I had a hell of a time at first, so cannot remember the details, but finally got it working as a USB connection with Windows 10.

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Hi @liam.wright,

Did you manage to reflash Reach units?

May I ask you to describe precisely what’s the issue with Edison driver?
If you still have the issue with reflashing, please post here your steps with screenshots.

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