Integrating Reach, Pixhawk and Ardupilot for RTK using wi-fi

In and is IP address the Reach ROVER or the Reach BASE?

If is it the ROVER, what are the settings for the BASE Reach unit? I think I have them backwards somehow. The IP address for my ROVER is and my BASE is

I have both Reach units and my laptop running Mission Planner on the same network. I have 3DR radios connected to the laptop and Pixhawk following instructions provided. ReachView version: v2.4.0-r0


For the one connected with Navio you should use rover IP
For another Reach sending correction to the first one use base IP

Sorry to be dense. Trying again. In your instructions at is the BASE or the ROVER? You start with a picture of the Reach connected to the Pixhawk and the instructions “Configuring Reach to work with ArduPilot” immediately show the IP address of which makes me think you are configuring the ROVER. Later in the same instructions you say, “Enter Base Reach’s IP address.” and the image shows So, in your instructions, is the Reach ROVER or BASE?

@JONES5322 I see the source of confusion. When we took the screenshots for the guide we made them on the same Reach. Did not think that IP would be used as reference, but it makes sense now.

We will update the screenshots to be more clear.

First two screenshots are for rover, last one is for base.

Excellent. Thank you. I’m not sure if I did it correctly or not, but I have FIX on my Reach Rover connected to Pixhawk and the Reach Base and Rover are on the same wi-fi network. Since I don’t have my 3DR radio running on my laptop or Mission Planner running I am assuming the corrections are coming via wi-fi.

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We have updated docs, thanks for the feedback!