Install latest ArduPlane (Master) on Navio+

I’m working on a project with the Navio+ and want to be able to use parachute deployment mechanism which was recently added to the developers build of ArduPlane. However, I’m not sure if or how I can install the latest firmware from github on the Navio+. Is it possible to use the most recent branches from DYIdrones or am I restricted to the ArduPilot version currently available on Emlid?

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Anton, Navio+ is fully supported in APM master, you can always get any version you like from .

Great! Thank you for your quick reply. Had to follow this thread
APM 3.3-rc9 beta testing - #23 by CodeChief
in order to upgrade GCLIB and succéed with the installation. But now it seems to be working fine,
thanks again!