Inconsistent FIX status

I was using two other rover units in the field yesterday and there seems to be inconsistencies with getting a fix status. The current setup is in an open field with a RS+ as a base and two RS+ rovers that communicate via LORA. I was able to get fix on both rovers in the morning and then when I tried again in the evening it took over 3 hours for only one rover to get a fix and the other was a float until the end. When tried again this morning the fixes happened without a problem.

What can I do to get more consistent fixes through out the day?
I have listed my base mode settings below and attached the logs from the rover that was unable to get a fix. (4.1 MB) (354.0 KB) (127.8 KB)

1002 1hz
1006 1.1
1010 1
1097 1
1107 0
1117 0
1127 0


Fix and hold

Glonas AR on




Hi @svishnu,

Which firmware version your Reach RS2 devices are currently running? It’s specified in the top right corner of ReachView.

Could you also share the base’s raw data so that we can take a look at it, too?

Hey @tatiana.andreeva thanks for the quick reply.

I think the firmware version is v2.22.4. I currently do not have access to that particular unit, but the units I setup with that one are on v2.22.4

Here is the link for the base log.

Hi Vishnu,

May I ask you to update all devices to the latest stable version (v2.22.5) and test them once again? We usually recommend keeping the devices up to date.

In this version, we released some improvements in RTK performance that may be of help in your case.

Were the logs able to shed some light on what exactly was happening? Also any ideas on why one unit would get a fix and the other not if both are identical in both software settings and firmware version?

Thank you

Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for your patience.

I’ve checked the quality of you data and they look fine. At the moment, it’s quite hard to say certainly what was the reason for the issue you experienced.

That’s why I’d recommend updating your RS+ devices to the latest stable firmware version (2.22.5). We’ve brought some RTK improvements which should give a better result overall. Also, if the fix quality will still be not optimal, that version includes way more data to debug the issues with the fix.

Please test the devices with the latest stable and let me know how it works.

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