Improving Android GPS Accuracy to Complete Site Survey

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I have been looking to increase my Android GPS accuracy to complete a site survey on a site. I will utilise the GPS points to export to AutoCAD to update a site plan.

I have been researching for the past week on what I can do to get as accruate as I can for the best price I can.

I was originally looking at the Reach M+ and happy with the price, however would like to understand what extra I get if I upgrade to the Reach RS+ or do I have it all wrong…

Will either of these products do what I am chasing?

Do I need any additional equipment, licencing or subscriptions?

I am in NSW Australia if that helps.

I am sorry if this has been asked in the past.



You might wanna check this: Emlid Reach RS + - #6 by bide


This too:

Or you can get only (1) of either RS+ (single L1 freq.)or RS2 (new just released multifreq.) and use as Rover and use NTRIP CORS for your Base until you can get another RS+ or RS2.

I’d rather have (2) so i wasn’t dependent on CORS and internet, cellular if out of range of them. Otherwise you can use LoRa (LongRange) between your Base and Rover.

Fyi, getting a M+ is if you plan on using a drone since the price is cheap. If not, you don’t need it. Keep in mind that M+ doesnt have builtin LoRa like the RS+ and RS2. You have to buy that additional.


  • The additional equipment required is a phone/tablet/laptop and a survey pole. Possibly a tripod/tribrach as well or a second pole.
  • No licencing required.
  • A subscription may be necessary to obtain ‘better than android’ accuracy if you only purchase a single Reach unit. If you purchase two Reach units, then you may still want a subscription, but it is not necessary.
  • You also must invest the time to learn about how to get the data from Reach transformed into a meaningful form for your work. e.g. learn to use some open-source software, or purchase some commercial apps or software.

Hey @chris_bej,

You will also possibly want to talk to the Australian Distributor @alistair from he will be able to set you up with all the bits and pieces that you will need.

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Many CAD software (including Autocad) are not able to interpret coordinates expressed in a global reference systems.

Until Reachview gets localization, it is easy to just batch-convert in i.e. QGIS.


Any GPS returns just a set of geographic coordinates that uniquely identifies a position within a reference system: latitude, longitude and ellipsoidal height.

This set of values often does not help us. We need the transformation of these 3 numbers into 3 cartesian coordinates.

Through QGIS, is it also possible to derive the geodic height ?


Thanks all for your comments. I hace had a great conversations with the guys from mangoes and will be starting with one reach rs+ to play.

I have excellent phone reception in the two locations I currently have to test and will start with a subscription to see how it goes.

I more than likely start buying more gear if it pays for itself.

As for importing into AutoCAD that I have done already. Just need the correct units and import away.

Once again thanks but I am sure I will have more questions in a week or so.





Just an update, I have recieved my Reach RS+ and had a little play.

Just playing in the back yard I have been able to get cm accuracy which is better than I expected using the government cors network.

I have been able to export my data to CSV and now working on import into AutoCAD.

Thanks for the help



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