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I need help with fix solution

(Timd1971) #22

I think FieldGenius does something like that.
RTS. Rotate Translate Scale.

(Hunter) #23

And is compatible with the Emlid units. Worth trying but the software is more than both my Reach units combined. In the past I’ve simply plotted the known point with my surveyed point and applied the necessary shift to the survey. This corrects my base coordinate as well does it not?

(Michael Lambert) #24

This is essentially localization and how we setup everything job. We start with a set of YXZ points, setup the base on a fictitious point somewhat close to its placement. It collects the GPS coordinate for that point, but it is used for neither horizontal or vertical alignment. The other points are located, giving them a GPS value and the software uses an algorithm similar to mean deviation to align/rotate/scale the network. You can see the deviation and remove points from the localization that are outside of your tolerance.

(Hunter) #25

This would be slick if Emlid could implement in some variation. Is the algorithm 3-dimensional or is horizontal independent of the vertical? In this case, this may have been a useful feature.

(Michael Lambert) #26

3-Dimensional, but the Y and X are in one calculation as if inversing points. You can choose whether to use the horizontal, vertical or to use both values on each point. I usually leave everything on and then”post-process” at the end to remove one or both of the values for anything over 0.05’ deviation. If I don’t have enough points then I raise my tolerance by 0.01’.

I believe FieldGenius may have an iteration of this? I tried to get Emlid to help me troubleshoot the problem that I had with using the Reach receivers with Magnet, but I think I was too niche of a case.