I cant process the data in L1+L2 or L5 emlid reach RS2

I am processing gps data of the RS2 receiver in Leica infinity and at the time of processing it is only done for L1, what should I do to do it in L1 + L2 or L5? thanks

Hello Oscar,
I also had the same problem. What I found was that converting the Rinex with the RTVCONV only leaves L1. Then try to convert the Rinex that you download directly from RS2 using other conversion software, such as the Spectra RinexConverter.

I’m assuming you’ve verified all the checkboxes in RTKLIB? They are specific ones for the different paths in RTKCONV and RTKPOST. There is another thread that contains info about the compatibility of those specific path variants…

ÂżIngeniero Jorge? con el Spectra Rinex Converter le solucionĂł el problema de l1 y l2?, gracias

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“Engineer Jorge with the Spectra Rinex Converter solved the problem of l1 and l2 , thanks.”

Did you use the RTKLib version for RS2 or the one for RS+?

Solo para algunos casos. DeberĂ­as intentar
Only for some cases. You should try

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