I can't export to dxf


Does exporting to a different format work?

I tried export to json and esri, still same. Just loading.

Could you post a .dxf file?

Haha… I couldn’t export dxf, so I don’t have it. But I have resurveyed for that. And my project was completed. Thank you emlid, thank you reach, I loved it. Thank you @TB_RTK.

I had the same behavior due to violent shutdown. Check if the Geojson file is corrupted (0bytes) via SFTP.

You can connect via SFTP user=root/password=emlidreach and view the files that reach logs at surveying folder. Use a program like Filezilla,winSCP etc.

This should not happen after 2.8.0 update, please let us know if it does.

Sure. If it happens again. I would post it soon… thank you

I have experience with this activity. Is that same with putty in ssh?


Reach power control with a physical button

It happened to me with 2.8.0, so I made a thread seeking info on how to add a powerbutton. efedorov also said that you will add some reboot/shutdown (interface) buttons.

Was the project open when you shut the power down?

I am not familiar of using putty as a sftp manager, i use it only for ssh.

Use filezilla and connect to reach ip with given credentials above.

Thank you, I wanna try it. I think that is interesting.

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I didn’t remember about that. But I think that was the cause of this problem… I think I forgot closed the project.

I am not 100% sure, but as i remember i will answer yes to that. I collected ~15 points, i remembered watching a list of them and i didn’t hit back to reachview home. (all the control is done via reachview android app if that matters to you).

When you close the project an extra sync to energy independent memory happens, that should protect your data even when power is suddenly removed.

After the data loss, i close the project and i shutdown via SSH. No problems so far. It will be nice if you add some reboot/shutdown buttons.

If you close the project there is no need to do shutdown via ssh, your data is already safe.

How do you close the project?

You can close the project by going back to the projects list. A small back arrow near the open project’s name.

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