I cant access to reachview app

I am very disappointed in this products. It is sold as a friendly product and the truth is that it is not. I got 1 reach and 1 reach rs.

In both units I was able to connect to the reach: xx: xx network and enter with the password “emlidreach”.
After entering with the address I was able to create a Wi-Fi network called “rover”.
When you press the Connect button, a red message appears at the top right of the screen indicating that the “reach is connecting to another network. Switch to a rover to continue”. However, the new network does not appear in the list of available Wi-Fi networks.
After many attempts and wasted time, I chose to install firmware v 2.3, for which I followed the instructions in the “QuickStart”. I again found problems, the link for download the Intel Edison Board Configuration Tool is not available. Could anyone help get a direct download link from this software?

Any additional advice you can give me?

Hi, your first problem seems to be a misunderstanding, it doesn’t create a new wifi, it’s the credentials for your existing wifi your fill in there.
Her link to the Intel page and tools needed.

Thanks for the answer, but I’m not clear if the problem is because my laptop does not have Edison drivers?
I checked the link you gave me, but, like a average user, I dont know whats is the necessary tool.

Start with the installer tool.

You can update/install needed drivers with it.

The installer tool is not available…

There is no need in reflashing the firmware on your Reach and Reach RS.
Please try to follow quickstart guide and connect the receivers to your local wifi.

In case you want to reflash the devices, here is the link to Intel Configuration Tool:

We will update the link in docs soon.

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