I cannot Connect the hotspot of emlid rs+

Hello All,

I just bought my second set of emlid reach RS+ gps and i was successful in setting up all of them from the Manuel steps.

i set up the hot spot and after that only one unit is able to be used but the other unit i cannot log on. I want to flash it for 3 days now and i get errors

can some one help me out?

Hi Isaac,

Welcome to our forum!

Please don’t do the reflashing until we understand why you cannot connect to the unit.
Let’s check the current status of your Reach RS+ first.

What is the LED status of the unit? Does it appear in your Wi-Fi network?
Am I right that you’ve done the first setup, updated the unit, and after that, you cannot connect to it?

Hello Andrew,
Thanks for reverting on the issue being sent out.

unfortunately I was able to re-flash the unit but cannot reboot in the process. The unit allowed me to get access to my wifi and updated to 27.

Now I have gotten additional problem now; the unit cannot track data and wanted to find out if you can help me out,


Hi Isaac,

How does it look like? No satellites?


Yes in the status its showing No Satellites but the logging data registered with data but cannot process


Please try going into settings and reset all settings to default:

If that doesn’t make any difference, please email us at support@emlid.com with the serial number of your device. We will need to look deeper into what is happening. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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