How to use reach view on Pc

Hey guys ! The following is :
I am using RS + and I would like to access it on my PC.
I already installed the free emulator. so that it does not capture the external connections (or update other networks) of wifi.
If possible I ask for help to get that connection. in ways to make it flexible to import dwg and geojson data

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Are you talking about Reachview 2 or 3? RV2 can be accessed in a standard PC browser as long as you are on the same network.

reach view 3

can you show me step by step even in RV2

Emlid will have to help with trying to use the emulator with RV3 but it may be along the similar lines regarding having to be on the same network.

If you have a wifi connection that the RS+ to connect to you can go through the process in this doc.


That would be awesome!

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I achieved. thank you so much

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Hi @hagejacintocumbane,

We can hardly be of much help with using ReachView 3 on PC as we haven’t tested it. ReachView 3 is not a web app like Reach Panel but 2 native apps built specifically for Android and iOS.

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