How to reach long distance with reach rs+?

Hi I’m from argentina sorry about my english.
I bought two reach rs+ and I can’t reach more than 500 mts of baseline view.
Someone knows how can I setup the base and rover to reach more distance ?
thank you…

Hello @alfredodelellis

A few things to check roughly in this order:

Is your LORA transmitting on a frequency that is considered to be ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) in your country? i.e. has the frequency been set to be in the free bands so that it isn’t transmitting on someone else reserved frequency?
Is there something between the base and the rover that could block the signal, i.e. houses, buildings, high metal fences, dense trees?
Are the antennas mounted tightly?
Are the antennas oriented the same direction?
Is there anything in the area that can cause interference? like High Voltage powerlines, transformers etc.
Is the transmit data rate as low as possible? Typically, the lower the data rate, the further you can receive (but not always the case).


Hi Alfredo,

In order to investigate we need the following information:

  1. Firmware image and ReachView version.
  2. System report from base and rover

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