How to get fix solution

Hi everyone
I have been learning a lot about my reach thnaks to all the helpfull information from the forum, thanks for that.
I’m trying to setup my two reach devices as a survey tool, using one as base and the other as a rover.
I have communication betwenn both of them using two 3dr radios
My first question is about how to get fixed solution, I have only been available to get single solution

Im using two metal plates under both GPS antennas and have the base in a camera tripod

My second question is about the base position. When I’m connected to the rover using the reach view app, I can see the base position and it’s 0 for latitude longitude and height, why is this happening, How can I get it to have the position of my base device?
this are the settings I’m using as my correction inputs

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From you first picture, you have extremly poor signals at the base and rover.
0 at base because signals are to poor for it to calculate a position. It need to get over a certain amount to output a solution.
Not sure what your surroundings looks like, but antenna need clear skyview for at least 30degr and above.

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Thanks for the tip, I will try to look for a place with better conditions for the test

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