How to do post-processing

Hello everyone. I want to learn how to perform post-processing with RTKLIB.
In most of the times I do not get a fixed solution with emlid reach rs, so I consider it important to learn (from scratch) the process to use RTKLIB.
Someone can instruct me with detailed step-by-step guidance.
Thank you!!!

Hello Mario,

Here is the link to PPK guide.


Hi friend, can you help me post-process?
I attach the data to verify my post-processing results.
Thank you!!! (272.9 KB) (230.5 KB) (4.1 MB) (6.4 MB)

I attach the captures of the post-processing results made.
I do not know if they are correct.
Thanks for your help!!!


Looks ok, but dont use Glonass and Beidou together at the same time.

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Friend, could you help me? I made two configurations.
I guess they are not good!

Confg. 1


Confg. 2


What I’m interested in are the four points that I keep the team in floating mode, in total there are six, two of them with fixed solution.
I would appreciate the help !!!

Can someone help me with this. Please. Thank you

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