How to convert erb to known extension

Hi @igorvereninov @egor.fedorov and @emlid team, How to convert erb file to known extension such as rinex file? Thank you

What do you want get from this file?

Fix result observation, when I get fix result I activate the solution log. So, the solution log only contains fix coordinate in specific point. That I need.

This you mean? , select q1 and it will show only fixed
Images from recent .erb fil (output solution)

That is right, we can post processing lih file. but it will be easier if it doesn’t need to be post processed. And if I’m right, when we get fix condition then active solution log until a few minutes, then off solution log file, then move to other point and activate solution log again, the solution in first point and second point in same file. Am I right?

Ok, you mean within Reachview?
I understand, but its not an option yet in reachview. Time will tell :slight_smile:

If you are using ERB solution output to work with ArduPilot, then at the moment you can’t view the solution log.

We will separate the solution log format from the position output format in one of the future updates.

Sounds great. Semangat!! Semoga berhasil…