How to change specific settings of Emlid's Ublox receiver

Hi guys,

another curiosity for you today: if I want to change some specific settings of the Ublox receiver, how can I do?

I accessed to Emlid by ssh and I had a look but I didn’t find nothing recalling Ublox configuration.
I would be interested in forcing the receiver in tracking some specific PRN for example.

As regard SBAS there is an option from ReachViewApp which says: "misc-sbasatsel"
From there, is it possible to look for particular PRN of SBAS?

Thank you in advance for your help,


Hello Elisa!

As you probably know, Reach is powered by RTKLIB. Basically, all the GNSS-related settings of the device are divided into 2 levels: u-blox receiver settings and RTKLIB settings.

RTKLIB settings are basically the things you see in the Config tab
u-blox settings are regulated by .cmd files, which contain ubx messages in a special RTKLIB-compatible syntax.
We have several presets, you can find them here.

Hi Igor,

thank you for your hints!